From “0” to “100” percent confidence after consulting with our PDPA experts.

If you don’t understand or are unsure about how to comply with PDPA requirements, try our professional services. They include a consulting service on legal matters, management and software related to the PDPA by Digital Business Consult (DBC).

Benefits of Using Our Consulting Service

  1. Knowing how to establish a clear workflow and process to protect personal data in accordance with the PDPA;
  2. Being able to create contractual terms that comply with the PDPA;
  3. Being able to recognize and respect employee privacy rights;
  4. Reducing the risk of data leakage or breach;
  5. In case of any PDPA dispute, being able to prove that you have complied with the PDPA requirements can prevent legal consequences;
  6. Earning credibility and trust from your clients;
  7. Gaining access to PDPA training resources for further use and application to your processing of personal data.

PDPA Preparedness Service

Our Company has a team of consultants and experts on matters related to PDPA law, management, work process and software. We also provide comprehensive internal trainings to businesses.
We have a team of consultants and experts on matters related to PDPA law, management, work process and software;
We provide basic trainings on PDPA, data inventory mapping, record of processing activities (RoPA) and workshops;
We provide PDPA document preparation services (in Thai and English) as follows:
– Drafting related contracts and agreements;
– Drafting Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notice;
– Preparing a PDPA risk assessment;
– Providing suggestions on how to improve work process in accordance with the PDPA;
– Providing advice on related procedures;
– Providing advice on IT and software systems.
We assist businesses in preparing a work manual that complies with PDPA requirements;
We train executives and employees of a business entity on how to prepare deliverables.


โทรศัพท์ : 02-029-0707 ต่อ 4-5 / 081-632-5918
หรือ 098-746-6582 Email : [email protected]

Our Services

PDPA Consultant

Our experts provide advisory services on legal matters, management, work process, and software related to personal data protection.

PDPA Audit

We provide a complete range of PDPA audit services, including operational audit and in-house trainings.

DPO Services

Our data protection officers, a.k.a. DPO, work together with your data controllers (DC), data processors (DP) and other personnel.